microbiology lab / laboratorio de microbiologia

innovative approaches to problem solving in microbiology


Sociedade Portuguesa de Microbiologia | Microbiotec'15


INTEGRALL ® - the integron database

CIANOTRILHOS ® - [PT] disseminação de informação científica, base de dados sobre blooms cianobacterianos em Portugal


PHYTOMARSH - the phytosphere of salt-marsh plants: an underexplored microbial hot-spot

ARISKA - antibiotic resistance in the Antuã River: assessing risks to public health

REFRESH - minimizing microbial hazards in vegetables cultivated in the Estarreja municipality

PANDORA - potential impact of climate changes on Botryosphaeriaceae-related diseases of Eucalyptus spp. in Portugal

MICRONEMA - spatial and temporal analysis of microbial community in Pine Wilt Disease

Royal Society policy project

students’ career expectations: principles and responsibilities


aeromonas collagenase

Duarte AS, E Cavaleiro E, C Pereira, S Merino, AC Esteves, EP Duarte, JM Tomas, AC Correia. in press. Aeromonas piscicola AH-3 expresses an extracellular collagenase with cytotoxic properties. Letters In Applied Microbiology. doi: 10.1111/lam.12373

international project

StARE - Stopping Antibiotic Resistance Evolution (ref: WaterJPI/0002/2013); UA PI: Isabel Henriques | Coordination: Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP; PI Célia Manaia)

new bacterial species

Frommlet J, B Guimarães, L Sousa, J Serôdio, A Alves. in press. Neptunomonas phycophila sp. nov. isolated from a culture of Symbiodinium sp. a dinoflagellate symbiont of the sea anemone Aiptasia tagetes. Int J Syst Evol Microbio.

Alves A, A Correia, JM Igual, ME Trujillo. 2014. Microbacterium endophyticum sp. nov. and Microbacterium halimionae sp. nov., endophytes isolated from the salt-marsh plant Halimione portulacoides. Syst Appl Microbiol 37:474-479.